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Since 1972.
We use data to lead the way in planning your unique TraDigital™ marketing strategy.
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Doppio Doppio® Data is the
currency of
the internet.
Doppio® is our proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics platforms. We have access to 290,997 data segments!
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We're invested in helping your financial institution grow.


We connect providers to prospective customers.


We have the cure for your marketing pain points.


No red tape here. We prioritize transparency and efficiency.

About Us

Our Legacy Continues.

Much has changed since 1972 when advertising agency MHP was born, and even since 2010 when digital marketing agency Team SI was founded; then again, many essential marketing principles have not.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our combined history, blended it, improved it – proven it time and time again – and we have evolved our practice to become MHP/Team SI.
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MAPS Strategic Planning
MAPS™ Strategic Planning

Roadmap: Matching Business Objectives to Marketing Objectives

TraDigital™ Marketing Funnel
TraDigital™ Marketing

Results-Oriented: Tactics Tailored to Audiences, Where They Are

PR/Strategic Communications
PR/Strategic Communications

PR Evolved: Data-Centric Strategy, Storytelling and Engagement

Audience Targeting and Performance Tracking

Don't handle data
in the dark.

With our proprietary platform, Doppio®, you will not find another data-driven marketing firm that understands your audience or that knows how to specifically target them with absolute precision.

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